Hi! My name is Victoria,
I'm a self-thought junior front-end developer from Slovakia and this page, although still in the process of making, is a little showcase of my code and what I can do. Even though my coding journey is still at the beginning, I can't wait to learn more, google harder and show off my skills here.



# Basic Info:

Name: Viktória Nahorňaková

Date of Birth: 24.02.1995

Current location: Košice, Slovakia

# Backstory:

My first encounter with a code was when I managed a personal blog at age 13. Instead of filling it with content, I had much more fun figuring out layouts, templates and designing the whole page with some basic hmtl & css. Even though I have taken a different route in life, I've come full circle right back, behind the screen staring at code, ready to learn and make every page I touch better.

# Timeline:

  • 2010-2014
    Stredná súkromná umelecká škola filmová
  • 2014-2015
    Caffee Deldia {
    barista };
  • 2015-2015
    Keltská Krčma {
    barista && barman && waitress };
  • 2016-2019
    RegioJet {
    steward && teamlead };
  • 2020-2020
    At&t {
    Technical Support };

# Skills:

html css icon

It didnt take me long to get used to html & css, since I already had some basic understanding of how websites work. I absolved 70 hour long udemy couse, just to get the hang of what I can do and what are the latest good practices. After that, I knew the right way for me would be front-end web development.

javascript icon

This was a huge mountain to climb, and for sure, the one I will be climbing forever. Learning through exercises, courses and just writing as much code as I can. I encountered jQuery on my way, but we decided, after a while, not to stay in touch.

vuejs icon

Vue was a match made in heaven. That might be because of my obsession with organizing the code. Just a basic idea of a component with html, functionality and css on a single file was what got me. The lifecycle and props are just cherry on top.

sass icon

// and other CSS hacks

I started to look into Sass, same time as I started my road with Vue. Even though I enjoyed the scoped scss for little tweaks, the ability of functions, mixins and vars absolutely dominated the way i write my CSS now. I also tried out Bootstrap and Tailwind a couple of times, in order to find a suitable framework, although I'm still on the hunt.

react icon

// with typescript

React is the newest addition. I can already see the potential for larger scale projects, but we are still getting to know each other. In order to be more comfortable with writing in React, I will have to write many more projects in the future and that's the main reason behind the decision to write my page in a library I'm not 100% familiar with.



From previous experiences, I can definitely say I'm a team player, I'm good at time management and my biggest positive characteristic is, I know that I dont know. I don't overestimate my abilities, there is no shame in not knowing and asking. I would much rather ask a hundred times and do my job right than eyeball it and fail. Also, double checking is nice.


I can be slow in terms of work, mostly because I have a perfectionist eye and can get stuck on a single pixel aligning not as I desire. Also, we have to count on my lack of experience, but I'm positive that's something that will solve itself through time and code.


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